Super Grid Run


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Super Grid Run takes runner genre to minimalism

  • Minimalist design
  • Challenging controls
  • Local/Online leaderboards
  • 3 difficulty levels
  • Screentouch response
  • Vectorial graphics (a matter of taste)

"Vectorial runner"

Runner genre has been over-exploited in the last 30 years: there are lots of titles setting up different themes and issues. Lastly just a few of them have re-invented the genre like Temple Run or Canabalt, most of them adding features. Super Grid Run is on the opposite track: it has removed everything but basic gameplay to create a runner with no additives.

Thus, graphically the game is more than minimalist: it uses glow vectorial graphics on a 3D path full of obstacles to avoid, power-ups to grab and walls to keep yourself away from. Actually, you guide a vectorial "cube" through that polygonal path. There's nothing but the raw gameplay. The screen is virtually divided in a 6-cell grid. Tap where you want the cube to move in order to avoid hitting obstacles or to collect power-ups. Controls gives your reflexes to the test. However, screentouch response should be enhanced a bit (sometimes it isn't as accurate as expected).

There are local leaderboards where you can submit your personal bests. In addition, in this paid version there are three difficulty levels from easy to insane and global cross-platform leaderboards. In brief, a just-tap-and-play runner, no additives. The game supports up to 6 languages.

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Feb 20, 2013

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