Survival Penguin Battle Royal



Battle Royal on ice!
Final battle for survival now begins!

3D action game that unique characters such as penguin, white bear, seal, pirate battle on various types of ice battle fields.

Use various weapon including bomb, bat effectively to beat the boss!
Although the enemies coming to attack you one after another, beat them and survive!
You will be addicted to feel exhilarated of this game!

Great aspects of this game:
- Enjoy comical move of 3D characters
- Feel the speed of skating on ice
- Feel exhilarated when using various weapons
- Get the points after beating the enemies and unlock characters and power-up items
- Various characters can be selected to play
- Recovery heart for life recovery is available

How to play:

Just flick the screen!
Consecutive flicks in the same direction to speed up

[Body check attack]
Just hit the enemies with your body!

[Weapon attack]
Various weapons such as bomb, bat hammer, ice, drill, cannon, tornado can be used for powerful attack.
Tap the item on the screen to use weapons

model: Since OS Android 2.3.1 without Android 3.x

- This is an online game only. Users must be connected to the Internet (3G or WiFi) to play.

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Tags: 無料サバイバル マリン ゲーム

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