Tank Battle



Tank Battle is a classic action game. There are 55 missions ranging from simple missions to challenge missions. Each mission has a different layout with a different number of enemy’s tanks. User friendly control pad allows you to control the tank and fire missiles. Enemy tank speed is randomly set by the program. Each play will be different.
Missions can be completed when you kill all enemy tanks. The next locked mission will be unlocked when previous mission is completed.
1. Road: your tank moves faster when your tank is on the road.
2. Landmine: Some missions have landmines from the enemy.
3. Fort: Fort with cannons on each side.
4. Steel Block: It can’t be destroy by tank missile.
5. Brick Block: It can be destroy by tank missile.
6. Night: Some missions will be in the night. You can only see vivid light around your tank.
7. Life pack: eat it and you will gain one more tank.
8. Tree: it will block enemy’s tank and your tank.
9. House: it can’t be destroy by tank missile.

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