Tank Shooter Plus Free



Tank Shooter is a free realtime strategy - arcade game. Your goal is to accomplish diverse military missions.
Opponents are armed soldiers, tanks and missile bases. In combat you drive your armed tank or a soldier himself.

Let´s go for them. Fight and get medals!

- Seven sophisticated and not-so-easy missions
- Summer and winter landscapes
- Weapons: machine guns, mines, homing missiles, explosives, timed bombs, airstrike
- Enemies: tanks, missiles, trucks, convoy, aircrafts, train
- Environment: buildings, warehouses, roadblocks, exploding barrels, trees
- Smart enemies
- Missions unlocking

- Destroy the military targets!
- One player against one player
- Destroy the entire military base
- Stop the convoy and destroy the buildings
- Hide the civilians and aim the targets
- Sabotage the train
- Save the prisoners

Keywords: tank, tanks, soldier, soldiers, shooting, war, war game, missions

Complete a strategic military missions and destroy enemies.
Good luck!

This game was created by me only as my first android game. It took me many days to finish everything up and I will be more than glad for any feedback from your point of view.
Thank you all for giving me a chance and enjoy the game!

Developer: Roman Cikryt, roman.cikryt@gmail.com

Tags: free 50 mb tank games , tank

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