"Tap Tap OH! Sumo" is an action game based on a Japanese traditional game 'Paper Sumo'.
At first, it is a wrestler of small paper, and it is exchanging with the partner wrestler who pushed down, and can fight with a stronger waging-war wrestler.

Large expansion is added to the last "TapTapSUMO" to make "TapTapOH!SUMO", and it is an appearance.
- The waging-war play in two persons was attained. Of course, at least one person can play.
- He can use now the wrestler who has pushed down until now, choosing him from a list.
- When a game was resumed, it could fight again from the wrestler in the middle of waging war.
- The collection mode of the wrestler who has pushed down until now was added.

Please get hot in a pleasant measure by a friend, parents and children, and a sweetheart.

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