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Taumi - Disc Challenge is an arcade game which gameplay is similar to Air Hockey

  • 3D graphics, overhead view
  • Intuitive controls (tap, hold and release)
  • Addictive
  • vs CPU and 2 players hot-seat
  • Missing a tournament mode

"Futuristic frisbee madness"

It's true, gameplay is similar, however scenery is completely different. That's it, there aren't either air hockey "pucks" or "sticks". In Taumi, the players are two robots and the "puck" is a frisbee or disc. Arenas are also different, there are up to 4 arenas to choose among. All of them with specific handicaps like vortex, magnetic fields or bouncy walls.

There are two game modes, Player vs CPU or Player vs Player (Hot-seat, single device). The latter is specially fun. Before starting the game the player cna set the rules: choose arena, set time, set points to win and the side (only vs CPU).

The game is set in cute 3D graphics, overhead view. Controls make the game even more interesting: there isn't a screenpad, the guy is controlled by tapping the screen. Hold, drag and release for aiming and shooting. Double tap for shooting with special effects. Tap and double tap for making the robot slide through the disc.

In a few words, cute graphics and highly playable. Great game.

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by Manu , Appszoom

Aug 28, 2012

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