Temple Run: Oz


Temple Run: Oz's review

by Peter Warrior

Temple Run version based on Oz: the movie

  • Thrilling and challenging
  • Great HD graphics
  • No lite or trial version

"We're off to see the wizard..."

As we saw with Brave, here's Imangi's masterplan: release "normal" editions of Temple Run (namely, Temple Run and Temple Run 2) to brag about how many million downloads they got, and they develop enhanced versions for hire. Thus, we could safely say that Temple Run: Oz is an upgraded version of Temple Run 2. Of course, instead of being chased away by evil gorillas, there are demons instead; and you have to follow the yellow brick road no matter whether there's no place like home.

The great additions to Temple Run mechanics have been, first off, bonus-like stages when you get to hop onto a balloon; secondly, over time you will arrive to a fork where you'll have to choose your next location, where obstacles and landscapes will be different. Lastly, there are items to gather and collect, not only upgrades. Of course, all usual Temple Run features have been kept as they were. This game's pretty challenging, so perhaps you'd prefer to give a go to the free version first if you aren't already used to games of this kind.

It's a great game. Regrettably, even though you can change the scenery, it lacks of a real ending goal, but it's better than Temple Run 2 whatsoever, and that's quite an achievement. Oz in this case is just an unneeded added value, because it doesn't matter at all if you have seen or liked the film.

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