Temple Smash



The Aztec pantheon ain't gonna be happy!

Temple Smash is a challenging, frenzied, and tactical block-smashing arcade game. Temple Smashers use their paddles to raid the Aztec temple, gathering debris and flinging it at the ancient walls to blast their way through to the treasures within.

The endless, procedurally-generated temple chambers will test your dexterity, and push your on-the-spot-thinking to it's limits.

A new twist on old classics, suitable for looters of all ages.

* Homage to classics like Breakout and Pong.
* Endless gameplay mode.
* Interesting tactical decisions, and fast reaction-based gameplay.
* Level generation system (every playthrough is unique).
* Multiple control schemes available.
* Borderline-obnoxious particle effects.

Music by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Graphics by Scribe, Marcus (opengameart.org)

Keywords: breakout break out block paddle pong tomb temple smash crash destruction slingshot throw arcade

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