Tetricorn Pro

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    Revolutionary addictive hybrid game inspired by the classic retro games. You can move the falling brick left, right, rotate or fall the brick down. Building a whole row will destroy it, but there is also another way to help you do the job. You have a ball flying around and destroying everything in its way. You must keep the ball in the playground. You have the control over a pad at the bottom of the screen. With this pad you can keep the ball in the game field and choose the best fire position. As You can see there are two parallel task that must be done simultaneously. To do this the player needs fast reflexes and accuracy. Forget one of the task and You are finished. This game is lot of fun and will keep you for a long time playing and having fun. At the beginning the game start slowly as a puzzle game but bit by bit the game turns in a fast paced action game where you can lose just in a matter of seconds.
    The global highscore gives you the unique opportunity to compare your skills with the rest of the world.

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    * Play again freeze fixed
    * Pause on screen lock

    * Sounds improved
    * some bugs fixed