The Balloon Pop Game

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The Balloon Pop Game

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•Unlimited levels
•Timed levels
•Swipe to control aim and speed
•Fun and entertaining for children and adults
•The higher the level, the faster the balloons fly
•The faster you pop, the higher score for each balloon
•On-screen best level and best score
•Bone-breaking pace at higher levels
•Amplified echoing balloon popping sound

The Balloon Pop Game is an all-time favorite game for many of us. The sound of balloon popping is just simply irresistible, and the sight of balloon popping also brings back many fond memories.

The Balloon Pop Game is a timed multi-level game. With the progress of the game, the balloons become more evasive and fast-flying. Test your aim and speed.

With on-screen best level and best score, you can know at any moment if you are beating your own best performance. Tense and bone-breaking pace at higher levels along with amplified popping sound can make you play very fun and enjoyable.

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