The CATch!


The CATch!'s review

by Peter Warrior

A feline endless runner

  • Free, ad supported
  • New movements and interactions
  • It needs even more stuff and options

"Meow you!"

As many other endless running games, this game is about running away with no other goal than getting the farther the better, score points and, if you're into it, share your score with your friends. Fortunately, this genre is already ripen, and developers can try to innovate to make the difference. This is perfectly the case of The Catch!, which might seem the last one in a long list of similar games but indeed does its best to be better than then. 3D graphics are cool and impressive, and gameplay is really varied and intense, even a little bit chaotic sometimes. anyway, the most welcome addition are new moves to the ones we are already used to. For example, that old fat cat can tightrope walk and spring from a wall to make those impossible 90 degrees turns, or tiptoe on sills. In addition, it can interact with some elements on its path, plucking lovely blue twitting birds or pouncing at the grumpy grandma.

Once we get enough points we can unlock up to more different characters, pity that there aren't many more. Likewise, we'd love to play in other different environments and enjoy even more stuff, but this CATch! is a good alternative to previous endless runners and have a unique and own style that will surely be of your liking.

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by Peter , Appszoom

May 16, 2013

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