The Challenge of the Gods



You can choose to be a brave Spartan warriors or an elves witch to be your character. In the picturesque Greek continent, you go on an adventure and challenge the Greed God Temple to rescue the suffering human compatriots.

The game based on "Bejeweled" and accord with the principle the “three disappear, two exchange”. Furthermore, RPG elements and turn-based fighting strategy were added into this game which makes this game more interesting.

★Game Features
1.Role Playing
This as in a traditional touch game, but with role-playing and fighting elements added.The goal of the game is not just to eliminate the box, but to attack and release magic to defeat opponents.

2.Multiple Eliminating Reward
When the "four elimination "or" five elimination" appears, the effect produced will be twice or five times stronger than the “three elimination”. If you can eliminate four or more than four boxes at a time you will get additional action opportunity.

3.Equipment System
Different role in the game can be equipped with different equipments, different weapons and assistant equipments to gain different passive skills. Hats and jewelries can help players use the unique magic skills.

4.Endless Tower
After the completion of the main storyline in the game players can enter Endless Tower to continue game and accept more challenges and fun.

★Game Strategy
The enemy’s main attack means is eliminating “sword” icon to carry on an attack. Don’t give the enemy opportunity to eliminate “Sword”. Soldiers have a high degree of common damage and eliminate “fist” icon can launch a powerful attack that can cause a great damage in the next attack. Mages have strong attack ability. On the basis of eliminate “sword”, try your best to eliminate “book” icon, accumulate magic points can release the skills. Eliminating four or above the same icon by one-time can get extra action chance, trying to find out and grasp it.



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