The Impossible Game


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Ultra difficult reflex game with minimalist graphics and an electronic soundtrack

  • Very likely actually impossible
  • Decent soundtrack
  • Practice mode
  • Not as well made as similar titles
  • Don't you have somewhere to be?

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"Take the name at face value"


Look, I know: you read the title "The Impossible Game" and you think, naaah, I'm smarter than the average bear, I'm gonna beat this thing, no sweat. And I'm telling you just to take a step back and examine your life, mmkay? There is no need to subject yourself to attempting again and again (and again) to time the precision jumps required to advance in this app. You're a square that needs to jump over triangles, for god's sake. Surely you need to go feed the cat, or something. Go take a walk.


Delivers on its promise. This is a very, very, very hard game. Maybe impossible. I didn't play it for long enough to conclusively decide.


There are other similar titles that do what this one does, better and more colorfully. There should be more levels for you to attempt right away, and it would be great to be able to upgrade your orange square to, say, a pink one.

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Aug 05, 2015

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