The Mortal Instruments


The Mortal Instruments's review

by Peter Warrior

The official game of City of Bones

  • Official game of the film
  • Unclear mix of genres
  • Many features still unavailable

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"Should it bleed or should I heal?"

A new summer, a new blockbuster movie around the corner and a new tie-in game for mobile devices. I won't say a thing about the movie because it hasn't been released yet and, most likely, because I'm still a fan of Buffy deep in my heart, so I mistrust this kind of films.

Regarding the game, it's a sort-of RPG real time tactical Streets of Rage, and if you find it's odd to read you can't imagine how it's been to write it. Anyway, it isn't as original as you could expect, and graphics look like outdated for no reason, as if it was a port from a Flash game. This doesn't mean it isn't interesting at all, but if you aren't attracted by the film storyline (a kind of puerile version of The Prophecy series, I'd wager) you will have to read a lot of non-sense dialogues to reach the action parts of the game, which are somethimes closer to screen-smashing regardless of the hexed grid and the stats stuff.

By the way, character design is poor and can't be customized, so the RPG elements are restricted to potion drinking and leveling.

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Aug 21, 2013

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