The Night Flier


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Fly above the buildings and get as far as possible

  • Interesting, hard to master
  • Challenging
  • Good design and graphics
  • Nothing new

"Nightime is my time"

When the night arrives, you take an incredible journey over the roofs and you will meet a lot of strangers which will make the adventure much more interesting.

The controls are easy to learn: tap and hold the finger in order to ascend and release it to descend, avoid the dangerous obstacles and eat midges and collect coins so as to increase your power and health. Don't ever let the bars run out of power, otherwise you will lose and need to start again.

PageNet is the developer of The Night Flier and another casual game for Android. This one app includes 10 levels in every location and a challenging gameplay that gets more difficult as you advance. Nice design and graphics and an entertaining game for everyone who loves a bit of excitement.

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