The Smash Toupeeeee!!!



This game is Japanese Most Popular Game!!

" by no means -- being done and crowded -- system Simple game"-- Bone!!.
A battle of God or hair starts now!!! --
From the simple and convenient play of stress relief to the domain of "God" which cannot reach Tsuneto --

A player serves as a business manager, and slides and strips off a passerby's Toupee.

■[Missions mode]
He is Mohd who clears missions according to the abundant instructions of "fly Toupee to a boss's Toupee recovery vehicle", "fly specific Toupee", "fly Toupee in order", etc.
There are time restrictions and it competes for the ability to clear [ which ] much missions by high score.

■[Simple mode]
Mohd apt to stress relief who is merely alike intently and flies a passerby's Toupee.
It competes for the ability to fly [ which ] many numbers in the time limit.

■[Survival mode]
Mohd who continues flying Toupee without one person also missing.
When at least one person misses outside a screen, he is Mohd with very high difficulty who is that a mistake is made in.

■ [Story] ■
You are a newcomer business manager (part-time job) of a Toupee sales company.
He steels himself against pity, and flies the Michiyuki く father's Toupee earnestly, and I will raise the sales of a company!
But if not Toupee but the human being of own hair [ run short ] is mixed with inside, and the hair of hair is extracted by mistake, are serious!
Whenever it advances a game, you quickly rise to a section chief, the manager, and the president, and it is the thing which exists previously further!? --
The success story of a certain newcomer business manager's miracle!
An opening story adopts the tutorial system which can be seen any number of times.
In the operation known intuitively, anyone can do a play happily freely! By the "murmur" function interlocked with idea Twitter, many words famous on Web of the net slang style are carried further beforehand!
Furthermore, since it is reproduced in the style of a certain animation on a title screen, the murmured contents prepare a mechanism to come to murmur!
Apparently, although it is trivial "Simple game", it is a game with the very deep back.

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