Time Bomb (FREE)



Four game modes (two versions are FREE)
With four different game modes! !
The FREE version two

- Time Attack Mode -
Touch panels 0-9, the game mode to remove the bomb.

- Calculation mode -
Solve a math game mode is continuous.
A simple addition, subtraction, multiplication problems are questions.

- RANKING mode -
World rankings can be registered as the number of Endless Mode and the combo of the calculation mode.

World Ranking was supported by OpenFeint! !

Difference between the FREE version and paid version
The FREE version, "Endless Mode" and "10seconds mode" you can not play the game modes.

The FREE version displays the title screen, such as advertising.

Game Overview
Game to release the bomb.

Corresponding to various resolutions of the terminal!
On the actual check, which will XperiaArc, also supports other devices.

Galaxy, GalaxyS, t01c, REGZAPHONE, Xperia, XperiaArc, IS01, IS03, IS04, IS05, IS06, MEDIAS, DesireS, DesireHD, HTC, AQUOSPHONE, 007SH, 006SH, 003P, 003SH, 0055H, 001DL, DELLSTREAK, 003Z, X06HT, F12C, L07C, N06C, P07C, SH12C, SH13C, SO02C, SC02C, SO01C, N04C, L06C, SH03C, L04C, SC02B, SC01B, IS11S, IS11CA, IS12SH, IS11SH, IS11T, ISW11HT
and other smartphone.

QVGA 240 × 320
WQVGA400 240 × 400
WQVGA432 240 × 432
HVGA 320 × 480
WVGA800 480 × 800
WVGA854 480 × 854
qHD 540 × 960
WVGA960 640 × 960
XGA 600 × 1024
WSVGA 768 × 1024

Because it is non WVGA854 check on the emulator, do not guarantee successful operation.

Copyright for the treatment of the Software
This software is copyright of the author, all belong to, or K couple software.

Redistribution, assignment and we banned.

This program (resources) change of the truncated part was cut out, decompile, disassemble forbids such conduct.

The authors of the software fixes, upgrades and obligation.

Failure by the authors using this software, failure of any damage to, any liability.

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