TinyLegends - Crazy Knight


TinyLegends - Crazy Knight's review

by Peter Warrior

An action game with a RPG touch

  • Intense and entertaining
  • It can become too repetitive too quickly
  • It needs more characters and customization options
  • Minecraft-style may not be of your liking

"Crazy? A li'l bit dizzy perhaps, but I don't feel like crazy"

Although they are completely separated games. even in different genres, this Crazy Knight takes place in the same fantasy world of Kromdor as Tiny Legends: Heroes, and adds some bits of lore about the monsters that dwell in the land of the cube-headed people.

Crazy Knight will put you into the skin of a blonde, brave and armed with a giant two-handed axe who has to undo all the wrong in the realm. Every stage is a delimited zone where we can freely roam and tumble and hit any of the tens of enemies that will show up just to kill us. Between stages you can spend the gold the king has kindly payed you to purchase better weapons and upgrade your skill.

Therefore, Crazy Knight is a well designed, well balanced and enjoyable casual game with little if any strategy, but with hours of tap-tap-tap thrilling action ahead.

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May 09, 2013

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