Tower Dive Cat



Operate cats, jumped off the 999 level.Fall to the ground floor is "loose game". I get the time and score, fall to the ground floor. I brag to your friends please.

Rotate Left Rotate Right around the tower is tilted from side to side terminal.
Cats are going down while being pulled by gravity of the tower wall.The velocity intact is issued.
Tap the screen to jump, away from the tower.
Away from the tower, the velocity goes up gradually.

The first jump is low, the wall will be drawn immediately.By tapping a timely manner after landing, the higher the jump.(Continuous jumps.)
Also, once you tap jump during ascent, leaving the tower closer to the tower further back.(Jump cancel)
The jump cancel, you can increase the number of Continuous jumps in a short time.
After landing and that later, tap jump twice during ascent and descent tap jump in the number of successive jumps will be cleared.
Continuous number of successful jumps at the bottom of the screen "JUMP" is displayed.

The tower, windows and ledges, there are obstacles such as walls, then slowing down to hit.

*Four items.
Coin: Score increases.
Jump: High jump.
Power: One obstacle can be destroyed without slowing down.
Speed: Falling speed up.

*Free mode.
Complete the game and are usually free mode unlocked.
This mode has no screen, tap the jump mode is the slope of the terminal away from the tower.

*It is not possible to play normally when terrestrial magnetism, the
acceleration, and the inclination sensor are cut.
*Additionally, please forgive me when it doesn't move with an old terminal etc.

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