Tower Raiders 2 GOLD


Tower Raiders 2 GOLD's review

by Peter Warrior

Defend your core crystals from raiders building defense towers.

  • Very funny, easy to play, game
  • Acceptable graphics
  • Twenty-four levels.

"The game that set how strategy games should be on mobile platforms"

Tower Raiders 2 is a strategy game based on simple concepts. You have to build different kinds of towers to defend yourself from waves of raiders. Each tower has its unique characteristics (fire rate, strenght...) and cost. More raiders you defeat more money you earn and better and more powerful towers you can build. Towers can also be upgraded double-tapping on them, and overall upgrades can be purchased spending reward points received for each level played. There are also badges earned by achieving certain goals.

Nice graphics, addictive gameplay. It remembers me when I played Starcraft years ago building bunkers and missile launchers just to see how the hordes spawned by the IA smashed over again at them. The best defense is a good defense after all.

Gameplay is learnt through the first level, which acts as a tutorial. The gold version includes 24 levels, but Gianormous Games promises new maps at incoming updates. Anyway, too far from the hundreds of levels that other games offer us

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May 18, 2011

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