Toxic Frog



Easy to play. Deceptively challenging! You're a frog on a jungle pond. You're after fireflies, but you have to be really careful about which ones you munch...jungle fireflies can be a little electrifying. A lot of skill, a little luck, and a little strategy, that's what it takes. After all, it's dangerous business being a frog on a jungle pond, pretty much everything wants to kill you. From Toxic Frogs to Marauding Jungle Owls and more, there are plenty of dangers to keep you hopping!

Bright and lively graphics and intuitive game play make it fun and super simple to start playing, with one finger just tap to hop! Over 30 levels with ever increasing dangers will really challenge your inner frog. Plus, see who's hopping the best with OpenFeint leaderboards and local high scores. It's time for some serious Firefly Munching Fun.

Are you hopping yet?

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"Even though we may come from different countries, different cultures, different backgrounds, and even different devices, we are all really just frogs at heart...hopping from one lily pad to the next...just trying to get one more firefly and not get killed before our time runs out."

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