Train Ninja



The tird application "Train Ninja" appeared from fieldWalking.

Ninja dash to mach speed of the train,and jump between the building and the building by the screen taping.
This is a Free jump action application.

Scene from the window of the train,the scenery of the day-to-day no different from any other day...
Ninja dash and jump between the building and the building like a sunder.
Ninja jump!jump!and fall...
There are item in game.
Please get item in timed well. After the game,so comical figure emerged from inside.
Let's challenge to complete♫

It’s a day like any other day. You wake up to go to work, go to the train station and wait for your train. When it finally comes you board and take your usual seat.

After getting tired of the old games on your phone, you look out the window and see…

Huh!? A Ninja!? And he’s jumping buildings! He’s the Train Ninja!

Train Ninja is a game of reflexes and timing. Tap to jump and time your jumps to make sure the ninja dosen't fall off the buildings!

The Train Ninja is on a mission to collect all the unique trophies scattered on the rooftops. Pick them up and see them displayed in the “Trophies” area.

Do your best to complete the Ninja’s mission as fast as possible!

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