Troll Hunt



The goal of this game is to take over fate when it comes to genetics! YOU play God in that YOU only let the best looking sperm into a mother's Egg! The key is to zap all of the 'troll' sperm BEFORE THEY GET INTO THE EGG, because being fertilized by an unhealthy sperm could lead to a less-than-satisfactory human.

Game Rules are as follows:
Earn as many points as possible by tapping on all deformed-looking (troll) sperm...
Move onto the next generation of procreation by allowing a normal-looking sperm to swim into your egg...
DOUBLE YOUR POINTS and make the baby a winner by zapping all troll sperm and normal sperm and allowing the winning sperm to penetrate your egg. You'll know which sperm is winning when you see it! Zap hard, babymakers!

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