Ultimate Pipe Dream



The Ultimate pipe dream. Plumber game where you have to build a pipe path from a source to a drain. Pipes are visible at the top of the screen, and you must place them on the board in the order they arrive. You can see in advance the next pipes to come. You can place a pipe over an existing one, but it will take some time. You can't place pipes over red pipes though. You can't rotate the pipes, it would make the game super easy and completely boring...

As requested by users, new version in April 2014: non square levels and an option to disable sound. As a bonus, 25+ extra levels and a new kind of pipes: one way!

Ultimate version with multiple simultaneous flows ! The flow will slow down if splitted, and increase if joined.

An editor allow you to build your own levels. You can then send them to your friends for them to play with, or to the author to be included in next release.

Uses internet access to share high scores against other players (can be disabled) and for advertising.
Uses SD card to store manually edited games.
Stores only high scores (a few kB) in internal memory.

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