Undead Slayer


Undead Slayer's review

by Peter Warrior

Battles undead hordes in Ancient China

  • Above average in all aspects
  • Overall, flawless
  • Odd translation and needs more languages

"A bloody Chinese ghost tale"

We knew that grilling Korean market will make sense, no matter how hard it was for us Westerners. We tell this in an apologetic way, because we were missing apps like this shining jewel that Undead Slayer is.

In short, this game is a hack'n'slash game in which you have to defeat incoming waves of undead by tapping on the screen to move so your character swipes his or her weapon to clear the path. Double tap to dodge (double tap to dodge for god's sake!) and unleash powerful magic screen wiping attacks when your mana-chi-whatever bar is full. Swipe to activate special grab attacks. Everything is an easy and ultra-intuitive way, so you can play as hysterically or strategically as you feel so. You can change from a character to another in the midst of a combo, and every one of your teammates is independently upgradeable and has individual skills. Everything packed in an absolutely lovely 3Dish chambara look alike.

Game's full of little yet appreciated features pretty unusual in hack'n'slash games. For example, when upgrading skills there's a preview image of it, you can train (aka grind) to earn experience points if you are stuck and don't want to go to the in-app shop. Cutscenes are sublime and ennoble an awesome game, even when translated texts are odd, to put it mildly. Abundance of skills and combinations is just icing the cake.

Therefore, 5 out of five rating for nearly a hundred different stages in a game that deserves all our recognition. We've been told that it's been developed by a single person, though that's quite unbelievable once you see and enjoy the result.

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Jan 25, 2013

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