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Elf City Online a game to build and develop your own civilization

  • Screenshot of your city and no lag
  • Amount of buildings and market products
  • Level up system
  • It's a bit difficult to get the hang of it
  • Graphics are too simple
  • Screen touch response could be improved

"May it bea city online"

Elf City is an online real-time strategy game. The purpose is to develop a city from its foundation until it becomes a large empire. You have to be aware of everything: buildings, food, defense, citizen's happiness, resources and much more. It has to be said that it's a bit difficult to get the hang of it though. There's a kind of tutorial (a sorcerer) that gives you some tips, but anyway, it needs to be more intuitive. At least in the beginning, to hook players up.

You can name your city, choose the citizen's breed, manage buildings distribution and city's character: based on trade or war. The purpose is to collect coins, diamonds, stars and citizen's happiness. There are over 80 home, public buildings, decoration and market products. That products can be sold on the market. You can also send gifts to your friends. You're in a whole world full of prosper cities. Praise other's cities and you will get bonus by collecting them. There's a huge community: search other users by the "social" tab, invite your friends and know who's your neighbor.

The graphics are simple but cute and probably thanks to this the game runs fast with any lag. We really like that there's a button to take a screenshot. Do it and show off with your friends about the prosperity of your empire.

Elf City Online has been developed by Happy Games, an emerging mobile game developers who has just launched this game so far. The way Elf City Online is developed bode great success.

If you like this kind of games, you will find on Elf City Online, a simple (and light) game to satisfy your desire of playing. It isn't either the most complete or the one that has better graphics. However, it has what a strategy game for mobile needs: online, level up, evolution through ages and freedom to manage your city.

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