Uwol, Quest for Money



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"Uwol, Quest for Money" is an Android version of fabulous arcade game created in 2009 by Mojon Twins group for ZX Spectrum 8-bit computer and many others retro platforms, like C64, C16, Amstrad CPC, Sega Megadrive, SNES.


Uwol likes money. One day he heard of a pyramid full of gold coins. Although the pyramid was guarded by dangerous creatures, Uwol decided not to give up until he will get at least 255 coins.

How to play

Uwol can walk left or right, and jump by pressing an arrow keys. If he leaves the screen from the left or right side, he will appears on the another side. To complete the level, you have to collect all the coins, avoiding touching any enemies or falling to the pit. After all the coins are collected, two blocks with arrows will appear on the floor. To leave the level, you should stand above the block and press key "up". This also choose which level will be next. If the time is up while playing the level, the ghost will appear, chasing the Uwol.

After the first enemy touch Uwol loses his clothes, and special bonus to return the clothes could appear somewhere. Without the clothes, touching an enemy leads to losing life, and the level restarts. Falling to the pit also leads to losing life. Additional life provided for 1000 and 2500 points.

The levels in the game are arranged as a pyramid. From the first room you can proceed to either room of second floor of the pyramid, and from those rooms you could go to one or two rooms on the third floor, and so on. If you have not collected 255 coins after completion of ten rooms, you will be returned to the first floor, and could choose other way through the pyramid, to collect more coins. When you visit already completed room, there will be no coins or enemies.

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