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    A strange virus is attacking the cells of your body, you have to destroy it to recover your health.
    The virus is at the center of a cell, spawning small virus cells to protect it from the attack of your the white cells.

    Your mission: destroy all orbiting small virus cells in order to weak the virus. Once there are no more left, it will be easy to destroy the virus.

    Use the white big cells that orbit around the screen to attack the virus. To move these white cells you have to spin the big cell at the bottom of the screen.

    Some white cells react on the same spin direction of the big cell rotation and others to the opposite direction.

    At the beginning of the game you start with a seven white cells configuration. The more you advance in the game, you will have less white cells to attack. And they will react in a different manner when you spin the big cell.

    So first learn the movements of the white cells before start attacking.

    Complete all levels to win the game and recover your health.

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