Wind-up Knight


Wind-up Knight's review

by Peter Warrior

A scrolling platform game.

  • Free, no ads
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Suited for everybody
  • Several seconds loading levels

"WuK will definitely keep on going"

Looking at the screenshots, it may seem that Wind-up Knight is just an other scrolling game where you only have to tap to crouch or jump to avoid obstacles. A further analysis reveals that we're facing one of the most addictive, entertaining and amazing game of this year.

Gameplay is simple, with a learning curve that many games would like to have; and an easy yet highly appropriate control system that allows a devilish difficulty degree without having to understand any abstract concept beyond average comprehension. The first levels you can only jump to advance and collect keys to wind yourself up. If you haven't wound for a while, our little lovely clockwork knight will perish. Don't forget to pick gold coins to buy a sword to slice up cocks and other Avernus monsters; or to purchase better armor, helm or shield so your character don't die of a fool fall, mangled by a two ton stone on the head, hellishly impaled or awfully burnt down.

In every stage there's a hidden card. Once you have enough cards you'll unlock secret items or even levels. Graphics look like 3D but aren't as heavy-weighted, and look really good. Mind you, that there's a loading time before playing a level first time. Music prettily goes with the game, though it isn't its most innovative feature.

The best of this game is that it's absolutely free, no ads. In fact, if you were a real pro gamer you'd be able to play all 50 levels without spending a cent. Ordinary folk can play many levels, but will get stuck sooner or later. That's the true gimmick to attract players, and game's so fun that it's rather difficult to not get lured at some point of the game, helped by some hot one-time in-app promotions.

In short, excellent game. Worthy and recommendable if only for the fun intro and the hilarious tips between levels. If you add all aforementioned stuff, we could say it's not only one of the best games in its category, but also one of the best -if not the best- quality-price ratio game on market.

We might ask for some online leaderboard, or customizable character (may I play the Princess, can I, can I?), or shareable tips via Facebook. As you can see, minor details just regarding to extend game's life.

This app was featured in one of our videoreviews. Watch it here.

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