Wreck It Crew

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    This is not a wrecking crew... this is the Wreck It Crew! The Wreck It Crew is a furious fighting military team of tanks and stealth bombers and you are the captain!

    The game is simple. Avoid the enemy desert jeeps and the enemy plane missiles or the game is over! The more enemies you destroy the higher your score! Your high score will automatically save.

    You have three attack options. Press the big red button to fire your cannon. Press the stealth bomber button to call in the bombs. Drag the missile button anywhere on screen and drop it to fire a guided missile to that location. But beware... you only begin with limited ammo and will need to obtain power ups as the game goes on to gain additional ammo!

    -Touch the left side of the screen to move your tank left
    -Touch the right side of the screen to move your tank right
    -Red Button fires your cannon (you begin with 5)
    -Stealth Bomber button calls in the bombs (you start with 1)
    -Drag the missile button and drop it anywhere to call in a guided missile (you start with 1)

    -Destroy as many enemies as possible
    -Each destroyed enemy is 1 point
    -You lose if you are hit by an enemy jeep
    -You lose if you are hit by an enemy plane missile
    -Gain more ammo from the power ups
    -Beat your own high score!