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Xelorians Free is a frenzied vertical space shooter

  • Graphics
  • 4 difficulty levels
  • Lots of units
  • Frenetic rhythm
  • Needs more levels
  • Needs more weapons
  • Expensive

"Not just another shoot'em up"

Action, frenetic game pace: words to describe this retro-inspired space shooter. Although gameplay is taken from the classic space shooters of the early 80's, rhythm, graphics and controls have been optimized to be played on mobile devices.

Your goal is to blast Xelorian invaders through 6 different stages in your Homeworld (Red Baron, episode 2 is coming soon). You're alone on the command of a spaceship which can be updated by taking items that the Xelorians invaders drop when their units explode.

Although graphics are retro-inspired, they've updated: 3D background environments and explosion effects are the proof of it. Likewise, there's an automatic camera zooming that makes it overcoming the space shooter quality standards. To control the spaceship hold the indicator with your finger and move around, it automatically shoot and change weapon when you grab it (there are up to 8 different weapons). Such easy. We specially like that when you release your finger, the game pause.

There are up to 30 types of different enemy units, 4 difficulty levels, 6 stages and final bosses in each. Storyline, graphics and game pace makes it one of the best space shooters on the market. Go and get it.

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