XMB - Xtreme Mountain Busing!

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XMB - Xtreme Mountain Busing!

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With 42 levels of game play (21 standard levels and 21 bonus levels) you will guide your bus through rocks, boulders, dangerous spikes, steep mountains, violent geysers, and adventure all the way.


Your bus is equipped with HYDRAULICS and EJECTOR SEATS!

Use your hydraulics to keep your bus right-side-up. Avoid spikes, cliffs, precarious boulders and all kids of obstacles as you attempt to get the kids to school on time.

Game has been recently updated to

* Faster Loading Time When Game is Opened
* Improved Frame Rates
* Improved Control Responsiveness
* Improved Fonts and Menus
* Background is much easier to distinguish from the game platforms
* Bus Driver's Ed Tutorial will have you driving like a pro
* Stop sign is a bit more forgiving when hitting bullies
* Game camera views have been improved so that you can see more of the level when you are falling (levels 2-6 and above).


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