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Zombie Fast - Shooter Game is a fast top-down shooter. Horrible military experiments created zombies - fast and aggressive monsters. You are Cleaner, special forces fighter, and your task is to clear our land. You have different guns to do it and a lot of ammo. Go through different locations, kill all zombies and save this world!

1) Really fast gameplay. If you play Alien Shooter - this game look like same.
2) Different locations. You play in forests, cities, swamps, snows.
3) Different fire modes: you can fire manually or automatically. Fire automatically easier. But soldiers don't use it!
4) A lot of monsters in game locations. Up to 100 monster to location.
5) Low system requirements. In my Galaxy Gio game running without any troubles.
6) Different weapons - pistols, machinegun, shotgun, grenades.
7) Different enemies - fast zombies, powerful zombies, spiders-zombies.
8) Different game modes - you can play campaign mode and survival mode.

I planning to add new features periodically. If you have any ideas or critics, send me e-mail, please.

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