Zombies And Shotguns Holiday

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    Zombies and Shotguns Holiday Edition !

    The festive way to fight the Zombie Apocalypse!

    With updated graphics which brings the bright and colorful world to your screen.

    You are pitted against waves of zombies! You must survive for as long as you can. Reaching a certain score will allow you to call in an airstrike from a Helicopter.

    This is a fun arcade game that lets you go up against hordes of Zombies and Shotguns ! Can you stay alive while brain eating zombies try and break through your defenses? Only way to find out is to play!

    Addicting play, fun to pass and play with friends! Compete to get the highest score and see who is the best at surviving a zombie apocalypse.

    Zombies and Shotguns !
    Zombies and Shotguns !

    Two graphic setting allows for a great range of devices to play! Requires at least Android 2.2.

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