Zombie's Fury 2


Zombie's Fury 2's review

by Peter Warrior

A 2D static beat'em-up

  • Poor gameplay
  • Technically improvable in many aspects

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"Bloody blob"

Before you ask where's Zombie's Fury 1, know that it's a simple game in where your character is placed in the middle of the screen, armed with a samurai sword, and you have to tap either left or right to attack at that direction. If there's a zombie (or more than one) there, you will cut his head off and a point will be raised to the scoreboard. If you reach 2,500 you'll unlock the female character, but it's most unlikely you ever see that. Yes, there are power-ups and special screen-wiping attacks, but honestly they aren't to write home about.

In conclusion, too much HD work for a game poorly animated and boring to death that won't be able to satisfy neither casual players nor hardcore gamers anyway. It won't harm to download it, but nobody will pay you back that time spent.

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by Peter , Appszoom

Oct 04, 2013

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