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  • Genre mashup: RPG/roguelike/Minecraft
  • Tons to explore
  • Lush music and sound design
  • Intuitive controls
  • Difficult in an addictive way
  • No tutorial
  • Unforgiving difficultly makes it rather niche
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Expert's Review

"Cave full of baddies, pocket full of bones"

Reviewed by / May 11, 2015

Super difficult, randomly generated, roguelike dungeon crawler with Minecraft-like graphics


Delver is a fresh riff on the Minecraft vibe, co-opting the blocky elemental creation and description mechanic and placing it squarely (see what I did there) in the framework of a roguelike dungeon crawler. Every round starts off anew outside a dangerous cave, which is filled with bad guys and treasure and all sorts of weirdness. Fight off the nasties long enough to collect sweet loot, because if you die in the process, your progress is reset to zero every time. A well-made hardcore game that's surprisingly simple to just pick up and play.


The music and sound design is actually lush, adding a ton of creepy exploratory atmosphere. There's loads to discover, including the classic Minecraft strategy of combining two or more items to make something new. It's also super difficult in a very good way; the get-loot-or-die-trying approach makes for a particularly interesting shade of caution as you creep around the map.


Like I said, it's a tricky game - best for those who come armed with plenty of both strategy and patience. There's also no tutorial.

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Developer's original description available here
Delver is a first person action roguelike dungeon crawl with crunchy pixels.

Take the role of an adventurer that tries their fate in the dark dungeons (and probably dies horribly). Fight monsters, grab loot, horde potions, and level up!

Quest for the Yithidian orb at the darkest depths of the dungeon and attempt to bring it back to the surface. Getting to it may be the easy part.

Levels are randomly generated in each playthrough - you'll never know quite what's around the corner.

* Permadeath - once you're dead, you're dead
* Randomized levels - never the same game twice
* Loot hoarding
* Chunky pixels!

Development log:
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Delver is still in early development, will be updating frequently - hopefully weekly. Buying now is supporting development, who needs a Kickstarter?


Recent Changes

* Holiday update! All new art and sound.

* New areas!

0.7c / 0.7b
* Fix for audio crash on some devices
* Fix for door crash
* Fix for ladder shading

RPG roguelike dungeon crawl

Recently changed in this version

0.8.6 a/b
* Fixed audio related freeze
* Fixed issue where player could get stuck walking after a popup closed

* Holiday update! All new art and sound.

* Fix for lighting / startup crash issues on some devices

* New areas!

0.7c / 0.7b
* Fix for audio crash on some devices
* Fix for door crash
* Fix for ladder shading

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