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  • Very original
  • Lots of hours of gameplay
  • Odd controls
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"What if what if what?"

Reviewed by / Feb 15, 2013

An indie 3D game

iDatank, read I-the-tank for the record, can be considered somehow an adventure game, though it's more about a 3D environment puzzle with slight RPG touches (namely, upgrades). In advance, a lot of levels and, here's the best of it, a high replayability thanks to its multiple walkthroughs. However, keep aside standard conventionalisms, because it's an indie game in heart and guts. A lovely 3D indie game, for sure, but far from what we are used to call "casual gaming": controls will feel odd even clumsy, plot's about aliens and robots, and you may be left with a strange aftertaste when you end a level: have you overcome the evil genius who designed the game, has it all been mere luck ot was it what you would have expected for?

On the other hand, iDatank isn't a rosebed for gamers. There are few if any options regarding gameplay and game's performance should be improved further, as it likes to badly lag when you've been playing for a while. In a nutshell, all cards are on the table: this is an all-in game you may like it or not, but won't leave you cold even when it's set in outer space.

This is the complete version, absolutely recommendable once you end the lite one.

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Developer's original description available here
One man, no man? What about the robot armed with onboard replicator?

This is a three-dimensional story of the scout drone adventures. Yeah, the adventures are painted in sci-fi colors and filled by energy beams, plasma bolts and overheated weapons.
Our cybernetic hero will have to face a horde of extremely evil aliens. Of course, if all creatures in the Universe were kind and friendly - anything similar wouldn't happen. :)

iDaTank is the first and, I hope, not last indie release 'wink' 'wink'

A bit of vital information:

- More than twenty five levels (exactly twenty six).
- More than twenty various types of alien fauna.
- More than fifty perks and modifications. (exactly fifty one).
- Up to five upgradable weapons.

- This game works only in landscape mode.
- This game has three optional controller types.
Please, check the options and choose controller you like.


"Despite the ambiguous name, iDaTank is a surprisingly in-depth adventure game with a thin, but adequate layer of RPG elements added on top to keep you coming back for more. Like the best rogue-likes, it works like crack in that you'll manage to inch further and further into space through each playthrough before suddenly realizing it's three in the morning." - Thorin Klosowski, Touch Arcade (4/5)

"This game is what AppaSnap was created for. This is a really quirky little game that is not mainstream, but appears to have enough depth to keep you coming back. It is slightly difficult to understand precisely what's going on at the beginning and the tutorial could be much easier to use, but stick with it and you'll find a brilliant little game in here. We like this!" - Appa Snap (9/10)

"iDaTank pulls together some great mechanics and blends them in an interesting way. The levels and enemies keep things interesting and the leveling up and upgradable weapons will keep players engaged. The game is much deeper than it seems at first glance and players will be pleasantly surprised." - Jason Wadsworth, 148 Apps (3.5/5.0)

- critical memory leak fix
- some bugs fixes
- some controls and logic improvements
- performance optimization
- memory card support
- 5 languages included (English, Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese and Russian)
- updated engine core

Comments and ratings for iDatank
  • (69)

    by Miroslav Miklovic on 23/02/2014

    Burn lot of time and battery life :)

  • (69)

    by Cary Michaloski on 11/04/2013

    for Monkey.

  • (69)

    by Bryant Brownell on 16/03/2013

    Game is fine. Not impressed. Graphics are nice. Music never changes. Weapons cost a ton.. Targeting system targets everything but what it needs to. Like enemies that don't hurt you will get shot st before the one shooting a homing missile at you.

  • (69)

    by Oleg Naumov on 28/02/2013

    If the level is too hard or when you're about to die, press pause and return to map (tap on the arrow in the left bottom corner). Your score will be saved, you won't loose your clones and you can jump to any previous asteroid to get more perks.

  • (69)

    by A Google User on 11/12/2012

    Played this all the way to the end after owning it for over a year and what do I get? Nothing. No reward of any kind just some bullshit about maybe coming back for more....not from me you wont.

  • (69)

    by Aka on 12/07/2012

    This is one of those games that delivers... You get your bang for the buck :) Updates have made it better and the developer has even made it movable to sd. Thank you!

  • (69)

    by Steve on 08/07/2012

    Easy upgrades, first purchase is all that is required to get the most from this one. Great replayability for a short-ish (4-5 hours) game. Varied environments and tactics required, simplistic game play but one of the best games on the market!