Mission Of Crisis

Mission Of Crisis

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  • Smart gaming
  • Nice artwork and music
  • High replayability
  • Shoot'em-up gamers won't enjoy it at all
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Expert's Review

"Wear your dogtags"

Reviewed by / Feb 05, 2013

A tactical game

Escalation in the arms race between dogs and cats has reached a new whole level when zombie (yes, you have read it right: what will become of us?), zombie cats have invaded Muttland or wherever and you and your elite special ops ranger team must eliminate the threat before there are no more bones to bury left and land be covered by a thick layer of zombie cat hairballs.

In order to do so, you command a team of four trained (tamed?) dogs, each one with its unique specialization. Matt is the rambo-like leader armed with a M16 and Angie is a deadly sniper, to name the first two. Gameplay is as easy as tap to wherever you want to move the active character and tap on a foe to attack him. When not targeting any, they will attack the closest enemy in range. You can interact with items, namely exploding barrels and exploding stuff.

Game can be played in three difficulty levels. The easiest one is pretty challenging, the higher two are only feasible once you get upgraded equipment. A three star rating and tactical freedom guarantees a more than nice level of replayability, not to mention online arena mode. Graphics are cool, though we'd like spectacular cutscenes or additional artwork and characters. Music is outstanding and, overall, it's quite a piece of game. Free, ad-supported.

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Developer's original description available here

- “Extremely enjoyable and addictive”- Eric
- “One of the best strategy games on Google Play ever before”- Daniel
- “Funny, violent and leaves you wanting more” – David
…… to be continued

With the original fingertips-micro-battle mode, you can play Misssion of Crisis to your heart's content!

1. The original zombie corp, will be the smartest enemy on your phone;
2. The powerful zombie corp, will test your real-time tactical strategy;
3. The real-time combat system, will challenge your operation limit from time to time;
4. The unique talents and skills system, will create the most powerful army of your own;
5. For the highest honor in the arena, you will compete with global players.

The story takes place in a peaceful world: Coleman. For a long period of time, all the races in the world live a peaceful and happy life. Until one day, the terrible Lord appears. He leads a murderous corp, wanting to break the harminous life, and to rule the world.
Very soon, the Lord conquers the most dangerous land: the hell. He builds a kingdom of his own there. With everything ready, the Lord declares a war to the dog race: the most populous race. With horrible powers, the Lord corp initiates crazy attacks to the dog race. To protect their homes, warriors in the dog race take up arms, and fight with the Lord corp. However, when confronted with the murderous corp, they, of flesh and blood, can only retreat one step after another. In the end, the dog race is defeated. Then, the Lord corp begins to destroy the city. To defend the remaining land, the survived warriors spare no efforts to fight and fight. Right at this moment, when the warriors resist fiercely, when they dreams of a hero to save the whole nation, a hero appears! The hero, together with 3 highly-skilled sodiers, fight jointly against the Lord corp. The warriors wipe out the crual enemies, and launch counterattacks to the Lord corp, for the hope of the whole race. In order to let their home return to peace, the warriors will overcome numerous obstacles, to find the evil and eliminate the evil.

If you encounter any problem in the game, you are welcomed to contact with us at moc@gts8.com. Your suggestions to the game are highly appreciated.

Recently changed in this version

1.[Revised] The affect of fight level on attack and defense attributes adjust: 10% attributes increased for one level up.
2.[Revised] Arena honour rules adjust: honour increased for winner, honour decreased for losers.
3.[New] Account checking available: Click avatar in arena to check accout info and server#.
4.[New] Cloud backup Added: Click cloud icon in arena to backup or restore your record data.

Comments and ratings for Mission Of Crisis
  • (70)

    by Pha H on 13/04/2014

    More thingz should be added. More guns, animals to choose from, maybe even a way to customize our base and players. How about the option to create our own animal?

  • (70)

    by Jetindir Dhar on 09/04/2014

    Huge investing

  • (70)

    by Aidan Carroll on 07/04/2014

    This game sucks now with the update , the gems i get in arena dont even count anymore it just keeps going back to what it was before i should have 2000+ but all i got is 500 and that make it so i cant even buy the new weapon :/ please fix

  • (70)

    by Leigh Van Rye on 06/04/2014

    Cannon Fodder With Skills/Abilities

  • (70)

    by MrZrazies on 03/04/2014

    Every mission give u 1 gem unless u play on normal which give little more but you have to farm for coins so you only can buy heals potion or help you do more damages but gems is only for upgrade your army and weapons but cost way lot. More than 50 to 200

  • (70)

    by subu palamadai on 01/04/2014

    I have no comments

  • (70)

    by Nhel Delacruz on 31/03/2014