Pony Crate Stacker

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Pony Crate Stacker

by: Sick-Pillow | 0 0



Help my Pony build up the crates as high as you can!
Sounds easy, but be careful where you stack…
This Pony believes in you, and not in a little way, in a huge way!

Fun for the little ones as well as brony teens and adults!

Make it grow from little to a huge stack of pony crate-ness...
Oh my, my!! But, be careful not to topple the crate tower!

--"I love this game, my daughters love all the games from sick pillow! It's a great alternative to Barbie, strawberry shortcake, dora the explorer, monster high, bratz, winx, hello kitty and all the other popular games out there!" -Priscilla

Oh my, Oh my! A pony here, a pony there, a pony everywhere and they want to play!

Simply tap anywhere on the screen to stack the crates!
Have fun!

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