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You are taking down the undefeated Tower of RööK. Welcome to the wonderful world of high-performance Android devices!


If you have experienced severe motion sickness, or seasickness, in the past then you are advised to avoid playing RööK. Seriously.

If you absolutely hate medieval ships, mercs, cannons, or fortresses under siege then you had better not play RööK.

If you can't shoot a target from a moving platform then don't even think to play RööK.

RööK is not for every Android. This game is hardware-intensive and it has been successfully tested on Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 (2013). If you experience low frame rates (game playing unexpectedly slow) then RööK may not be for your device.


In A.D. 1580 with your army of infamous mercenary renegades you are taking down the undefeated Tower of RööK no matter the costs. Dungeons of the tower have wasted the lives of so many of your mates that you have sworn to their damned souls to ground it to dust with your cannons once and forever. Now is the time to fight and nothing will stay you from your mission, nor will you know rest until you have accomplished it!

Sooth, unseen fortress magicians will use Smaragdus (a green precious stone) magic against you but they can only stop a few ol' broken wall stones from falling to the ground... When such stones hang suspended in the air, hitting them, or those underneath them, with a well-aimed cannonball will often finish them off. Praise Fortuna, as those unfelled stones are still worth game points for you!

Sometimes cannonballs travel so fast that they go through walls without exploding; and sometimes they explode without causing much damage. But you must stay your course, as victory belongs to those that believe in it the most and believe in it the longest.

Use the ship steering wheel Joypad to rotate the cannon. Tap the cannon to fire. When you have used up your cannonballs you can submit your game score to find out how you compare to others... Or you can buy more cannonballs to discover how far you can really go!


This free, ad-supported version of the game requires a permanent Internet connection to run.

On devices with smaller displays, such as smartphones, visibility of structures in the game may be improved by manually setting display brightness to approximately 40%.

Headphones are recommended for a better audio experience.

Vibrate on cannon fire only works on devices that support the "vibration" feature, generally smartphones (can be disabled in game Help panel).

The leaderboard is global, it collects and displays scores from RööK games running on multiple types of platforms & devices.

Recently changed in this version

Added extra security check and in-game advertisements.

Fixed bug limiting game score and making some wall stones impossible to hit.
Fixed in-app purchase of a new set of cannonballs.

First release for Android.

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