Sniper Contract :zombie killer



Sniper Contract :zombie killer

Immerse yourself in a deadly battle with a horde of zombies in the city.

It is not military. Now is the apocalypse. It is a war against the undead. Before you were an Army sniper, now you're a murderer hired hired to kill the zombies and defend a family. You must defend your position, use arms and hold as long as possible by killing as many zombies you can.

Here is no hero, prove you're a good shooter, as you can survive. If you come to use the baseball bat. You'll have different weapons to accomplish your work. This game immerses you in a true 3D scene.
This game uses the accelerometer of your phone to give more realism to this war for survival.

Bats at the zombie in your head until you die blood splattering!

This is a game for free. You do not have to pay to use a gun to blow your brains out many zombies.

Use the accelerometer to look up and down. Also to one side. Shoot with the rifle, machine gun and get more lives.

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