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StarFleet 480P 2013™

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STARFLEET 2013™ 480p is a computer-simulated battle based on the famous Star Trek television series and the board game Star Fleet Battles . Via computer terminal, you can clash with enemy Klingon battlecruisers /Ktinga Class and use the same strategies that captains' use. You control a Federation vessel similar to the Enterprise; an academy computer program directs the enemy.

Decisive Victory -- You completely destroy or cripple the attacking force.
Tactical Victory -- You out-maneuver the enemy using high-speed escapes, or the enemy surrenders.
Moral Victory -- You surrender or self-destruct and destroy each other.

All distances are measured in megameters, one million meters (abbreviated `M'). Speed is expressed in 'Warp Factors'. Each warp factor equals 100M per second. All angles are expressed in common degrees from zero to 360, measured counter-clockwise from the x-axis, similar to reading a protractor. Only two dimensions are used. Play is as follows:

1. You issue one of a number of commands (fire phasers, change course, launch antimatter pods, surrender, etc.) by selecting the appropriate command;

2. The enemy, under programmed instructions, issues a similar command;

3. Both your commands are executed (phasers are fired, probes are launched, damages are assessed, courses changed, etc.) in 1/8 warp second intervals while the vessels move through space;

4. Unless certain end-game conditions are met: you destroy the enemy, the enemy destroys you, you out-maneuver the enemy, you both destroy each other, or one party surrenders; the above steps are repeated.

The following is a list of codes which can be used while in the command mode aboard your ship:

CODE COMMAND ===========


Simple Strategy If you are a beginner, a simple strategy to follow is A: fight only one attacker; B: pursue him (code HLM) at warp factor one; C: lock on all phasers (code L-PH); D: continuously take position reports and watch his range; E: when he gets within 1000M, fire all phasers (code F /PH) and keep on firing when he is in range; F: When the enemy is out of range, take damage reports and scans of the enemy (icons - enemy ship console). After a few trial games using the above strategy, you will want to become as efficient as the enemy at firing photon torpedos. Finally, when you master launching antimatter probes, you can designate more that one attacker.

Weapon And Vessel Specifications
Enemy exceptions are enclosed within [brackets]

Heavy Cruiser Constitution Class [Medium Cruiser K'tinga Class]

Phasers Number of banks: 4
Max range: 1000 megameters
Max spread: 90 degrees (45+45)
Min spread: 10 degrees (5+5)
Max hit with 45 degree spread: 10
Max hit with 10 degree spread: 45
Loss of shield: 1 per hit hit/4.5
Loss of shields 2-3-4 per hit hit/3
Max charge per bank: 10 units
Min charge or discharge time: 1 sec

Torpedo Tubes: Number of torpedo tubes: 6
Max range: 12,000 megameters
Max launch speed: warp 12
Max time delay: 10 seconds
Max proximity delay: 500M
Max explosion radius: 500M
Max number of pods launched: 10
Max hit factor: 50
Loss of shield: 1 per hit hit/3
Loss of shields 2-3-4 per hit hit/2

Probes: Number of probe launchers: 1
Max range: 3000M
Max launch speed: 3
Max time delay: 15 sec
Max proximity delay: any
Max explosion radius: 50 times number of pods
Max pods launched: fuel available
Max hit factor: 10 times number of pods
Loss of shields per hit: same as torpedos

Vessels: Max turning rate: 55 degrees
Max speed warp 9 [11]
Min units burned per warp-second: 1 [.75]
Crew: 450 [350]

Recommended for Android Tablets/ Nexus 7
Min Sys Req: 480 x 854 pixel screen

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Recommended for Android Tablets/ Nexus 7/ Samsung Galaxy Note/ HTC One
Minimum System Requirements: 480 x 854 pixel screen

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Comments and ratings for StarFleet 480P 2013™
  • (53 stars)

    by Brandon Thompson on 26/03/2014

    Most of the buttons dont do what they r supposed to. the raise shield button either arms photons or phasers, i still dont know how to target an enemy ship as clicking on it does nothing. in short this app isnt worth a dollar let alone fifteen. Worst pur

  • (53 stars)

    by Rex Matsui on 21/01/2014

    Each game takes around 45 minutes. Federation ship has phasers, torpedos, drones and 350 crew.

  • (53 stars)

    by Mel menn on 21/01/2014

    Each game takes around 45 minutes. Federation ship has phasers, torpedos, drones and 350 crew.

  • (53 stars)

    by Eric Lee on 20/01/2014

    Fantastic futuristic graphics. May require a larger size Android device screen to see all the game information without zooming. Realistic 2D warp space with antimatter devices hailing from all directions and all hell breaking loose.