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FREE SPACE-BASED MMO - eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate!

WAR WORLDS IS CURRENTLY IN BETA -- there will be bugs, there will be new features added all the time. Get in now to have a say in the development of this exciting new MMO! We take every bug report and feature request seriously! Please make sure you use the "Report" function on any crash reports so that we can get a notification and debug your issue. If you have any other issues to report, shake your phone to send us a screenshot.

This game is true free-to-play. In-app purchases help the developer, but only affect cosmetic features (rename your stars, give your empire a funky shield image, and so on). NO PAY-TO-WIN!

In this space-based 4X MMO, you will explore an infinite universe, colonize worlds, harvest alien artefacts, raise an army and conquer your enemies! War Worlds is a multiplayer 4X game set in an infinite universe. From your home world, the universe is your oyster as you explore, expand, exploit and exterminate anyone who stands in the way of your ever-expanding empire!

If you've played Master of Orion before, then you'll know the drill: you choose how you want to build your empire: conquest, diplomacy, trade, all are possible in this open-ended game.


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Recently changed in this version

0.8.853 - Bugfix release.
0.8.852 - Two big new features: wormhole disruptor (a new building) and a much improved tactical view when zoomed out on the starfield.
0.7.842 - Fixed another crash and the wormhole tune dialog.
0.7.841 - Fixed crash on pre-Jelly Bean devices when showing dialogs.
0.7.840 - You can see the last time other empires were seen online. Plus, yet more bugfixes!
0.6.835 - More bugfixes
0.6.834 - More bugfixes
0.5.832 - Bugfixes
0.5.831 - Bugfixes

Comments and ratings for War Worlds
  • (19 stars)

    by me last on 31/01/2015


  • (19 stars)

    by Adam thomas on 29/01/2015

    Good game, has some stability issues and slow to start but has great potential

  • (19 stars)

    by Brandon Keener on 18/01/2015

    I had a nice little 4 star empire, but I logged in one day and I had been wiped out and had to restart, then that empire was taken, and I did this 3 times.

  • (19 stars)

    by Daniel Latimer on 15/01/2015

    I left for awhile and now I've come back but I went to download and I just have one question. Why does it need to know my identity. I mean it seems like every game I DL needs to know my identity these days even small games like this one. These small time game devs arnt the NSA so what's goin on here?

  • (19 stars)

    by kirsty bentley on 10/01/2015

    Game would freeze and then crash my tablet when i try to build on my home world

  • (19 stars)

    by Michelle McTavish on 27/12/2014

    This game is good but add alliances. The leader or commander (depends on how many people are in it) can declare war with other alliances or make enemies with lone wolfs (unallianced players) or make allies with other alliances or hire mercenaries (hired players payed once a order). Make a huge alliance of ai called the axis powers that are super aggressive.

  • (19 stars)

    by Luke Chambers on 13/12/2014

    A open ended game that allows you to truly feel like you are building an empire. One or two bugs due to it still being in development phase, but this game is one well worthy of full support!

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