Black White Chess


Black White Chess's review

by Peter Warrior

That game with black and white pieces revisited

  • It needs a tutorial
  • Touch response and user interface must be improved

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"Go, go, go!"

Black White Chess comes to be a Go/Othello/Reversi game with black and white pieces, you have to place them in the end of a queue to change the color of the rival pieces within till you dominate all the board. The novelty lies in that you can choose different board sizes, hence making the game longer and brainier.

Graphics are standard board game graphics, with no animations or any special feature. It's hard to tell whether a move isn't allowed or your screen is ignoring you, both a tutorial and screen touch response should be improved.

In conclusion, an original twist to a classic game, but it needs improvement in all areas in order to be fully enjoyable.

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by Peter , Appszoom

Jul 24, 2013

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