Checkers played by two opponents, on opposite sides of a board, alternating moves. In a single player mode, person is always down (blue) regardless of who is moving first. Pieces move diagonally on the dark squares and opponents' pieces are captured by jumping over them to an unoccupied square. Capturing is mandatory. When multiple capture sequence is available, player may choose the sequence but have to make all available captures. When men reach the farthest row forward, they become kings, enabling them to move backwards.
    There are three different modes:
    English Draughts - pieces can't jump back and Kings can only move one stop in either direction.
    Flying Kings - pieces can't jump back but Kings can can move as far as they want along unblocked diagonals (also known as Spanish, Czech, Argentinian, Thai, Turkish).
    International - pieces can jump back and Kings can can move as far as they want along unblocked diagonals (also known as Brazilian, Russian shashki, Pool checkers).

    Pieces are moved by first selecting (tap) the piece to move and then selecting (tap) the cell to move to. If there is only one available move for selected piece, it will move by automatically (no second tap needed). Alternatively you can tap on the destination without selecting the piece (if only one piece can reach it). Normally blocks are black, however blocks current player can move to are colored in dark green. Selected piece is marked by bright green border.

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