Design Gene


Design Gene's review

by Peter Warrior

A tetris with letters from the genetic code

  • Free
  • It becomes boring very quickly
  • Some user interface and playability flaws

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As in a normal Tetris game, in Design Gene pieces randomly fall and you have to arrange them in a way they don't reach the top which will mean game over. However, rules have changed a little bit, and you have to match A blocks with T ones, and G blocks with C ones. If you let them fall where they have to, they will disappear, otherwise, they pile up.

At least, that's the idea. Truth is that the bottom lines are hidden and you have to memorize where you placed what, and there are no difficulty levels or stages or anything to spice up the game. In the end, all this genetic theme seems only a excuse to disguise a poor Tetris game with no music or playability. It doesn't help to learn not even a little about the topic nor it's actually fun at all.

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by Peter , Appszoom

Jul 24, 2013

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