Dice Monsters: Slime Attack



Dice Monsters: Slime Attack is a fantasy card & dice game in the vein of Zombie Dice. Quick and simple but very addictive. Easy to learn but hard to master - requires logic and management of risk vs reward. Features cute cartoony artwork and optimistic colors. Play a solitaire challenge for points or against a friend in a 2 player versus match. This puzzle dice and card game is suitable for all ages - for children, teens and adults.

HELP! Slimes have overrun the kingdom! To remedy the situation the king has organized a tournament. The grand prize goes to the one who can defeat most jellies in 5 days. – Will you beat the competition?

- You have 5 days to earn as much money as possible.
- Each day starts with you fighting a single slime (of random difficulty).
- Roll the dice to check the result of each fight.
- If you defeat an enemy you get 5 coins.
- If you get hit you lose 1 energy. If you drop to 0 energy you are knocked out for the rest of the day and lose all the day's money.
- If you survive the round you have to decide if you want to continue fighting or collect the money you earned that day and rest.
- If you decide to stay a new random slime will appear for every one defeated plus one additional (up to 4 total).
- Try to maximize earnings but don't let the enemies overpower you.

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