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Go is ancient strategy game with simple rules. Hactar go is perfect for learning go, and to study go anywhere you are.

Best way to learn go is thru game of capture-go. Hactar can play capture-go with you.

Once you are skilled at capture-go you can try go against Hactar server. Hactar strength is about 1 dan in 9x9 board and 5 kyu in 19x19 board. If this is not enought, you can subscribe to stronger engine playing at 1kyu level in 19x19 board.

NEW! Now it is possible to search games for position or players. Search covers games from well-known public WEB archives, more that 70000 pro games are available. You can include also your games in the device. (Search works in Android 4.0 and later. Price includes at least 2 years of use.)

Hactar contains over 410 go problems (tsumego). You can also add your own collections easily.

Hactar GO can be used to view and record go games in SGF format. Hactar supports variations and setup stones.

Please report bugs using email or feedback! It is difficult to support in Google Play forum.

Community provided localizations welcome! Localizations are created at http://www.getlocalization.com/hactar/.

Go is known also as igo, in China as 围棋 (Weiqi) and in Korea 바둑 (Baduk).

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