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    Love mahjong solitaire? Get Mahjong Of The Day FREE for your Android phone or tablet and join tens of thousands of people around the world playing the daily mahjong challenge!

    Select Daily to get 4 new mahjong solitaire puzzles free every day (1 at each difficulty level). Download puzzles via wi-fi or mobile data connection, pair all the tiles and submit your time to see how you compare with other players worldwide! Mahjong Of The Day includes 1 puzzle each day at 4 difficulty levels - Easy, Medium and Hard are all truly solvable, and Classic which may require shuffles to complete. Aim for the best times to top our global leaderboards.

    Tap the Play button for a casual game, and access mahjong puzzles on over 50 different layouts.

    Game Features:
    - New puzzles at 4 difficulty levels free every day
    - Complete the puzzles and post your best time to our global leaderboard
    - Helpful Autozoom feature which zooms in or out to help you find pairs of tiles
    - Unlock all the extra features to get access to 50 puzzle layouts, extra tile sets and more!

    Available In-App purchase items:
    • remove advertising from the game (Remove Ads)
    • buy packs of extra mahjong puzzles when you have free time or want to play without a data connection (Buy 50 Puzzles);
    • unlock all the features including an unlimited supply of mahjong solitaire puzzles, more than 50 different puzzle layouts, more tile sets, and lots more! (Unlock Everything, and Play all the layouts).

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