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    Published: 2013-08-09, by .

    Memozzlee is an online multiplayer turn-based memory card game

    • Online turn-based duels against Facebook/Twitter friends and random players
    • Highly addictive
    • Multi-language support
    • "Practice" mode isn't available in this free version
    • It takes some time to find a random opponent (users base)

    "Memory duel"

    You know Memory game, don't you? It can be one of the oldest games ever played. It's also known as Concentration, Pelmanism, Shinkei-suijaku, Pexeso or simply Pairs. Actually, the latter is the name that best fits its gameplay: cards are distributed in a grid way, face down; players must face them up by pairs and try to find their pair. Coupled cards stay face up. The game finishes when all cards are face up.

    No matter how simple its gameplay: the game is still highly addictive since it challenges our memory, and we like to show off we have a strong one. Memozzle goes a step forward: it takes Pairs gameplay which is mostly a single player game and put players face to face. Thus, each player has a minute to solve the cards grid. The fastest completing it, earn more points than the opponent. Matches have three rounds. In each round the cards grid gets bigger, so it gets more difficult to finish it all in one minute. The one that after the three rounds has the highest score, wins the duel. Sounds great, isnt it? In fact, it's awesome! You can play against your Facebook/Twitter friends, random players or search opponents by nickname.

    Since the duels are turn-based, you don't need to stay glued to your smartphone/tablet screen. You can make your move and keep going, and then re-take the game when you can dedicate it some time. That online turn-based gameplay has been the keystone of the success of many puzzle games.

    Concerns? Unfortunately there are some. "Practice" single-player mode isn't available in this free version. That wouldn't be a problem if there were lots of users already playing the app but, since there aren't too many so far, you cannot enjoy the game on your own while waiting for a random opponent (and it takes some time to find one). "Practice" mode should be free until waiting gets cut down by the amount of players looking for a match.

    Besides, a highly recommended game. Join it and invite your friends. The more the merrier.

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